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Joe Scarborough Had A Blistering Response To Republicans Demanding People Move On From The Failed MAGA Coup

It’s been three weeks since a mob of whipped-up Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building, attempting to overturn the 2020 election but succeeding only in causing the deaths of five people. The blowback has been severe: It got Trump finally kicked off Twitter, for one. (Ditto the MyPillow Guy.) But to some it hasn’t been severe enough. Two of the senators who helped instigate the siege, Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, have refused to step down from their positions, or even apologize. Most House Republicans have also said they won’t impeach the just-departed president. But there’s one conservative who’s still pissed: Joe Scarborough.

The longtime MSNBC host — and former Republican representative — spent part of Wednesday morning’s Morning Joe tearing into those in the GOP who think America needs to move on from the failed MAGA coup. One of those people is Senator Lindsey Graham. But Scarborough wasn’t having it.

“He wants us to forget about the fact that people were bludgeoned in the head with an American flag because of Donald Trump,” Scarborough shouted. “He wants us to forget that a cop was beaten to death, and the reason why the cop-killer beat the cop to death was because they were inspired by Donald Trump to do so. Ted Cruz wants us to forget because he led the sedition along with Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz.” (Joe got so worked up he forget he’d already mentioned Cruz earlier in the sentence, but perhaps some extra emphasis on his involvement was needed.)

“Forget? Forget? You are out of your mind and you’re not a conservative. That’s how conservatives do not talk,” Scarborough continued. “We don’t forget: If you attack our country, we go after you, we jail you, we throw away the key.”

Scarborough was out for blood, which is to say “justice.” Over disturbing images of the siege, he screamed, “This is what the Republicans in the Senate want you to forget.” He then refused to sugarcoat his words. “You know what these people are? These are Trump terrorists. Call them by their name.”

Mind you, many on the left won’t find much else to agree on with him, and his language did have similarities with conservative sentiments expressed in the lead up to the Iraq War. But strange times make strange bedfellows.

You can watch the whole thing above.

(Via The Huffington Post)