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Freddie Gibbs Freestyled Over Madlib’s New Album In An Uber And The Result Is A Nice Semi-Reunion

Madlib‘s new instrumental album Sound Ancestors isn’t quite Piñata or Bandana, but Freddie Gibbs, his collaborator on those two albums, apparently felt inspired nonetheless. So inspired, in fact, that he couldn’t wait until he got to a studio to record his lyrical thoughts, leading him to freestyle over some of the tracks while riding in an Uber and begin uploading the results to his Twitter, leading to a nice semi-reunion between the two longtime collaborators.

So far, he’s two tracks in, but depending on the length of his ride, it’s entirely possible he can get through the whole thing, as it’s only about 40 minutes long, with most of the 16 tracks clocking in around two minutes. Freddie’s driver and fellow riders can be heard cracking up to his off-the-head punchlines. While the quick freestyles lack the polish of Gibbs’ other work with Madlib, they have plenty of charm — enough to already have fans begging the two to reunite officially ASAP.

The Gary, Indiana rapper stoked cries for another collaborative album as well recently when he turned down fans’ proposition for a Verzuz-style battle with Pusha T with his own, intriguing counterproposal. Who knows what he’ll drop next, but based on the reactions to his recent output, fans remain hungry for new razor-sharp raps from the resurgent veteran.