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This LEGO ‘Jeopardy!’ Set Is, Quite Literally, A Moving Tribute To Alex Trebek

LEGO recreations of basically anything are always a fan favorite, even for infamous events, but one Jeopardy! fan really went the extra mile for what doubles as a loving tribute to late show host Alex Trebek.

It’s a LEGO recreation of the Jeopardy! set, but as Jess Hughes and its creator make clear, it’s more of a kinetic sculpture. That’s because everyone on the set can move. LEGO Alex Trebek moves back and forth, and each of the three GOAT Tournament contestants reach for their signaling device and can ring in. Their podiums even light up when they do, which is a really cool feature.

The pre-pandemic contestant bench looks great here, and the video is actually a well-done introduction to the individual character models using audio from the show. There’s even some game play that’s recreated in LEGO, and later in the video there’s a peek behind the podiums to see how the electronics work here.

Current Jeopardy! guest host and Greatest Of All Time Tournament winner Ken Jennings shared it online as did the show’s own Twitter account, so it’s clear the tribute made an impact on those it was intended for. And it really is lovingly done, complete with some custom nameplates that Jennings, Brad Rutter and James Holzhauer used during the GOAT Tournament. The set looks a bit different now, as we still live in the pandemic age, but it’s a lovely tribute to Trebek and a nice reminder of how much fun that tournament was to watch a year ago.