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QAnon-Supporting Laser Enthusiast Marjorie Taylor Greene Once Suggested Ruth Bader Ginsburg Had Been Replaced With A Body Double

Another day, another wild conspiracy theory from Marjorie Taylor Greene‘s past coming back to haunt her. This time around, the QAnon Congresswoman reportedly suggested that the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had been replaced by a body double. She doesn’t elaborate on why RBG had been replaced or by who, but given Greene’s history, it could have been anyone for any reason. She made the claim back in September 2019 while appearing on a streaming broadcast for a pro-MAGA site. Via Media Matters:

Toward the conclusion of the show, a caller asked Greene if she had seen “the picture” of Ginsburg at “the airport” — an apparent reference to an image of her at National Airport — “walking straight up right like it’s a whole new person” and asked her if she believes “that is Ruth.” Host and Greene ally Will Johnson added, “It’s almost like a body double like Hillary Clinton” (Conspiracy theorists have also claimed that Hillary Clinton has used a body double.)

Greene responded: “ I do not believe that was Ruth. No. I don’t think so.”

The RBG body double claim is actually one of Greene’s tamer beliefs. While her pre-congressional social media history has been an alarming trove of violent rhetoric and accusations that Hillary Clinton steals the faces off of babies, Greene made headlines on Thursday night following a report that she posted a theory on Facebook that the California Camp Fire was started by a secret Jewish space laser that was firing beams into the ground to facilitate a high-speed rail project and/or harvesting power from the sun. It’s pretty obvious when you think about it. (It’s not.)

(Via Media Matters for America)