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Kid Cudi Reveals The One Song That Used To Terrify Him As A Child

Kid Cudi is notoriously honest when it comes to his personal life. In the past, the rapper has opened up about his mental health struggles, addiction, and time spent in rehab. But on a more lighthearted note, Kid Cudi sometimes spits random facts about himself on social media. On Friday, the rapper revealed which song terrified him when he’d hear it as a child — and it’s a surprising pick.

Kid Cudi tweeted that Coolio’s 1995 track “Gangsta’s Paradise” would make him scared when it he heard it on the radio. “Cudder fact: I was scared of the beat for Gangster Paradise back in the day hahah soon as that sh*t came on the radio, change the station immediately,” he wrote.

In other Kid Cudi news, the rapper has had his sights set on the fashion industry this week. A Bathing Ape, aka Bape, unveiled their anticipated t-shirt design with Kid Cudi Thursday. The limited-edition tee features a vibrant illustration of the rapper with the New York City skyline on the back.

Along with his Bape collaboration, Kid Cudi also announced that he’s starting his own clothing line. It’s expected to drop this summer and the rapper said it’s been a “long time coming.”

Listen to the original “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio above.