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Klay Thompson And Draymond Green Absolutely Torched ‘Tough Guy’ Rodney McGruder After Postgame Kerfuffle

The Warriors and Pistons met on Saturday night in a wholly unremarkable NBA regular season contest that saw Detroit fall back to earth after their win over the Lakers, losing to Golden State in a 118-91 final score that was never particularly competitive. As such, few anticipated much in the way of postgame tempers running high, but Rodney McGruder, who played just six minutes on the evening, was heated afterwords and had some words for Juan Toscano about something said to Wayne Ellington earlier in the game.

Klay Thompson was serving as the Warriors’ NBC Sports sideline reporter for the game and he did not mince words about McGruder, saying he “might be out the league soon” as the Warriors announce crew cackled.

Thompson wasn’t the only one with some harsh words for McGruder, as Draymond Green was asked about it in his postgame interview and likewise torched the Pistons reserve guard, saying there’s “too many tough guys” in the league who won’t do anything.

As long as you aren’t Rodney McGruder, a member of his family, or one of his close friends or teammates, the fact that he tried to buck up at the Warriors after a 27 point loss and then proceeded to get lit up by two of the Warriors star players in postgame is objectively hilarious. I have no idea why Klay and Draymond have such strong takes on McGruder and felt the need to light that man up, but they did not miss the opportunity to torch that young man.