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John Krasinski Couldn’t Escape Being Jim From ‘The Office’ During His ‘SNL’ Monologue

John Krasinski hosted the first new SNL of 2021, and while there was a lot to catch up on for the sketch comedy show its host was still living in the past. Krasinski waxed nostalgic about hosting his favorite show, but the monologue was interrupted by questions about his most famous role: being Jim from The Office.

Krasinski tried to explain some advice his wife, Emily Blunt, gave about hosting but was interrupted again because he looks “different.” He tried to explain that he’s been working out to play Jack Ryan for his Amazon series, but was told that the look is all wrong.

“Jim is soft,” Ego Nwodim said, playing a member of the audience asking questions. “Jim sits all day. When you touch Jim your hand goes in like memory foam.”

He’s asked to “kiss Pam” a few times, and that’s when Pete Davidson comes out to help explain what’s going on.

“I think what’s happening is that everyone’s been stuck inside for a year watching The Office nonstop,” he said, noting that Krasinski wasn’t going to escape everyone thinking he’s Office Jim anytime soon. Still, that doesn’t mean they should not try smooching to see if it helps. So they do, but not before Krasinski brings back the fourth wall-breaking stare directly into the camera just like old times.

You can watch the video, and the big smooch, above.