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‘SNL’ Shows Where The MyPillow Guy Gets His Craziest Conspiracy Theories

Since Twitter banned his account for spreading misinformation, Mike Lindell has been forced to spout his nonsense on Fox News and The Joe Piscopo Show, a radio program hosted by the former-SNL cast member. But where does Lindell gets his cuckoo theories? SNL (the actual show, not the Piscopo show) has a guess for the source.

The MyPillow guy, played with “hard-earned credibility” by Beck Bennett, appeared during the first Weekend Update of 2021 to push back on accusations that he had anything to do with the failed coup at the Capitol. “Well, hold on there, Buck-o, I didn’t inspire no insurrection, nobody,” he told Colin Jost. “I’m just a normal American ex-crack addict turned pillow CEO and adviser to a former president.” Lindell then raved about his pillow, not only because it’s more comfortable than sleeping on dirt or cement, it also has “fantastic political ideas.” He doesn’t talk to his pillow, though, he listens.

“What’s that, MyPillow? Uh huh. Really? Wow!” he said with the pillow by his ear. “MyPillow said Dominion overran the voting machine algorithms, so that China could swing it for Biden, with Hugo Chavez, Kim Jong Un, and Chrissy Teigen!” When Jost told Lindell he was all over the place, the pillow whisperer replied, “No, you’re on crack again!”

You can watch the clip above.