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Ted Cruz, A Noted ‘The Princess Bride’ Superfan, Is Now Feuding With Cary Elwes, And It’s Getting Ugly

Ted Cruz can’t stop himself from fighting, even after being mercilessly and roundly trounced by Seth Rogen. The insurrection-inciting senator from Texas can’t even stop himself from talking about movies and TV after he completely bungled the meaning of Watchmen while attempting to slam “rabid environmentalists” as the true supervillains. This time, though, the feud is hitting very close to home for Ted, and by that, I don’t mean Texas. I’m referring to Cruz’s superfan status for The Princess Bride. He’s called it the “perfect” film and has been known to quote the movie (out of context) on Twitter, and he was crushed when the cast reunited to raise dollars for Democrats. He was also undoubtedly upset when Westley actor Cary Elwes declared himself a non-fan of Cruz.

Neither Ted nor Cary have forgotten their first round of tweets, and they’re back for another round, this time with extra vicious swipes. As it turns out, Cary noticed the Watchmen and Avengers disaster on the Not-Zodiac-Killer’s podcast, and he had something to add. “How does it feel to know that not only the entire cast and crew of your favorite movie The Princess Bride, but almost the whole entertainment industry, have nothing but rabid contempt for you?” Elwes tweeted at Cruz. “#inconceivable? I think not, you miserable ROUS.”

Oh boy. In The Princess Bride terms (and also out-of-context in honor of Cruz), Cary was all like, “First things first, to the death,” and Ted was like, “No. To the pain.” This is how Ted responded, by reminding Cary that he once signed memorabilia “To Sen. Cruz,” and he posted the evidence, like it meant something very profound.

Cary wasn’t here for it and pushed back with a solid slam: “Nah you can keep it as a reminder of how tragic it is that you had to have someone forge your name. Which makes sense since you are a forgery.”

Another very bad Twitter feud for Ted Cruz.