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Pop-Soul Star Raveena Glows In The Surreal ‘Tweety’ Video

Indian-American singer Raveena Aurora has a unique visual style that highlights her silky vocal range and earthy, heady lyrical themes, and once again puts them to use in the video for her new single, “Tweety.” In the dazzling, colorful video, she mugs for the camera with super distorted features and some impressive hair art. She also plays a hippie-themed solo game of Twister and tries her hand at some light rapping.

The 26-year-old pop-soul star is preparing to follow-up on her self-released 2019 debut album, Lucid. Distributed by Empire, the album garnered near-universal acclaim as Raveena expressed her story through the jazzy, dreamy influences of singers like Minnie Riperton, exploring surprisingly mature themes of trauma and healing with a polished, light touch. Her sound is a favorite of Tyler The Creator’s, as well — in 2018, the burgeoning mogul included her on the lineup of his Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival (I mention Raveena in my review).

Now that she’s got the co-signs out critical outlets like NPR — her Tiny Desk Concert is a sight to behold — she’s using her platform to speak on a variety of social issues as well as taking more direct action. In 2020, she helped to establish a community fridge in her adopted city of Los Angeles, and she talks openly about mental health, social justice, and issues affecting the Sikh community in her parents’ native India. She’s an artist that you should keep a close eye on as she expands her range and grows into a star in the making.

Watch Raveena’s “Tweety” video above.