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Foo Fighters Follow The Downfall Of An Intoxicated Man In Their Brash Video For ‘No Son Of Mine’

Foo Fighters just dropped their tenth album, Medicine At Midnight, which had been completed last year but had been delayed due to the pandemic. They’ve also dropped the video for “No Son Of Mine,” which follows the downward spiral of an intoxicated man. Following the heavy consumption of alcohol and different drugs, the man gets into a bar fight, a car crash, and more.

Upon the arrival of Medicine At Midnight, Foo Fighters member Taylor Hawkins had an interesting way of describing about what it felt like to finally release the long-delayed album. It was like “taking a big huge sh*t,” he said in a profile with Metro. “My stomach’s been hurting for a long time. Finally! A collective sigh of relief. We’ve finally got over our constipation.”

During an interview with EW before the album’s release, lead vocalist Dave Grohl talked about his own experiences making the album last year. “My favorite moment? It changes every year, honestly,” he said. “Doing SNL with Dave Chappelle a few months ago on the day they called the election, that might be my new one.”

You can watch the video for “No Son Of Mine” above.

Medicine At Midnight is out now via Roswell/RCA. Get it here.