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Watch Phoebe Bridgers Totally Destroy Her Guitar Afer Performing ‘I Know The End’ On ‘SNL’

Though 2021 may be off to a rough start, Phoebe Bridgers fans got a delightful bit of news a few weeks ago — that she’d be making her debut on Saturday Night Live. Given the dearth of concerts and most of the country still following relatively strict lockdown orders, SNL is the closest we can get to a live show these days, and with a performer like Phoebe, the songs do not disappoint. Starting off with “Kyoto,” one of the more upbeat, early singles off her new record, Punisher, Bridgers closed out her two-song set with the towering closer off her latest record, “I Know The End.”

The song is a doomsday, apocalyptic affair, only made more fitting by the cataclysmic way 2020 unfolded, and Phoebe did the song justice on the SNL stage by going so far as to smash her guitar at the end of the performance. It’s the kind of tongue-in-cheek-but-deadly-serious move that’s made Phoebe such a beloved star over the past few years, and though there might’ve been a few diehard fans who wanted to hear songs off her first record, Stranger In The Alps, overall the song selection made sense for where Bridgers is right now. And that’s what makes a great TV performance. Check out the clip aboove.