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Tom Brady Found Rob Gronkowski For A Second Time To Extend Tampa’s Lead In Super Bowl 55

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers got on the scoreboard in the Super Bowl 55 thanks to the dynamic duo of Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski, who linked up for the 13th time in their postseason careers, setting an NFL record. As the old saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, and in the second quarter, Brady and Gronkowski once again relied on their preternatural bond with one another for yet another score.

Thanks to a series of penalties by the Kansas City Chiefs that extended Tampa’s drive on a few different occasions, including an offsides flag on a fourth-and-5 field goal attempt, Brady was able to get Tampa within striking distance of the end zone. While Kansas City was able to keep them out on the previous drive thanks to an admirable goal-line stand, Brady decided to go to his tight end for a simple throw in the back of the end zone.

Brady stood tall in the pocket, completely unbothered by KC’s pass rush, and fired a dart to Gronk for six.

The score, a 17-yard pitch-and-catch between the greatest quarterback to ever do it and the man who redefined the tight end position during their tenures with the New England Patriots, put the Bucs up, 14-3.