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Cardi B Claps Back At Haters Who Mock Her No-Makeup Look

Cardi B is back, she’s “Up,” and she’s ready to face down the haters. Because Lord knows, there are few people in the world who get more constant, inane feedback about their behavior than Cardi, and she’s ready to clap back. The most recent barrage? Well, people saying she makes music for TikTok dances, which is ridiculous because her music has been popping long before TikTok was even known in The States, and, people making fun of the star for going on social media without any makeup on.

Today, she popped back on Instagram to bring attention to the fact that despite all the hate she gets, she still shows her face on Instagram exactly how it is when she first wakes up. “This is my face after wakin up 20 minutes ago, no filter, hair not brushed, lip chap all that,” she wrote in the caption of the clip. “I never been afraid to show my real self. When YOU ON TOP the miserable and the ugly love to screenshot pictures while you in motion then criticize your face. I’m confident in my own skin. You b*tches need to ask ya self if ya confidence in ya self enought that ya gotta try to bring bitches down for a hobby that’s winning and in their 20s.”

Interestingly enough, Cardi isn’t the only one to comment on how being caught in motion can make her look bad. In last year’s duet with Bon Iver, “Evermore,” Taylor Swift had this to say: “Motion capture/ Put me in a bad light.” Even so, it would be rare to see Taylor as bare faced as Cardi so often appears, but for both women, the pressure is rael. Check out Cardi’s post above along with her new video for “Up”