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Ted Cruz Got Dragged On Twitter After Trying To Trash Talk ‘Team Biden’

This week, former president the case against Donald Trump goes on trial in the Senate, whose members will vote whether or not to impeach him for his role in early January’s failed MAGA riot. One of the Republican lawmakers who played a key role in hyping up the event that led to the storming of the Capitol was Ted Cruz. In the month that’s followed, the Texas senator has not admitted wrongdoing nor has he apologized to the colleagues who lives were in danger. Instead, he’s spent much of the time trolling Democrats and getting owned online, including by one of the stars of his favorite movie.

That happened again on Monday, when Cruz decided to come for current president Joe Biden, at least online, choosing a most Trumpian line of attack: his relationship with China. He didn’t mention any specific stance, merely tweeting, “Team Biden is soft on China.”

Suddenly people were thinking about “Team Cruz.” And few had anything nice to say about that squadron.

Some people pointed reminded anyone thinking of joining Team Cruz that it’s the one led by someone who goes to bat for people who insult his wife and dad.

But maybe Team Cruz only has one member anyway.

Or maybe even less than that.