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Keldon Johnson Was Very Excited Mariah Carey Liked His Rendition Of ‘We Belong Together’

The Spurs social media team, like that of most NBA teams, had some special Valentine’s Day content cooked up for Sunday, as they had players play “Finish The Lyric” with Mariah Carey’s “We Belong Together.”

The video is pretty great, but the star of it is sophomore wing Keldon Johnson who is very clearly a big Mariah fan as he belts the song out. Mariah saw the video and found it quite adorable, giving the Spurs a shoutout on Twitter for singing her smash hit.

After the Spurs came back to beat the Hornets in Charlotte on Sunday, Johnson was far more interested in talking about the Mariah post, as he was fired up about getting a shoutout from, who he called, his favorite artist.

I love that Keldon made it clear that this isn’t something new for him just for that Valentine’s Day post, and he’s really about that Mariah Carey life, listening to her every day. That was clear from the video because he didn’t miss a word or note, while others like DeMar DeRozan kind of mumbled through it. Johnson had 18 points and eight rebounds in San Antonio’s win on Sunday, and it’s clear that the Spurs need to find a way to get him a shoutout from Mariah more often.