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Ted Cruz Got Mocked After Treating A Post From The Conservative Parody Site ‘The Babylon Bee’ As Real News

Ted Cruz played a key role in fomenting the events that led to the failed MAGA riot of January 6, which resulted in five deaths and nearly (but not quite) got former president Trump convicted by the Senate. Since then he has not apologized, much less acknowledged what he’d done. Instead he’s gotten repeatedly owned on Twitter, by colleagues and the star of his favorite movie. Or mocked for getting Watchmen wrong. Or belittled for his hair. On Sunday he was at it again, this time humiliating himself by presenting a post from a parody news site as real.

The post was from The Babylon Bee, which for the last five years has presented itself as a conservative Christian alternative to The Onion. Not many believe they’ve achieved their goals. Far from it. But a new Twitter post — linking to a satirical article with the headline “Disney Posts Job Ad Looking For Strong, Fierce Women Who Are Also Obedient, Submissive, And Docile,” an apparent jab at the recent firing of Mandalorian supporting player (and anti-Semitic meme-poster) Gina Carano — was close enough to the truth to fool the senator from Texas.

Many were quick to respectfully inform Cruz that The Babylon Bee is a different kind of fake news.

Although one person hatched a tongue-in-cheek explanation for what Cruz, not exactly a man of letters, was trying to say.

Others made sure to trash The Babylon Bee, not so much for being conservative but for simply not being funny.

And some others had other wises.