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Lady Gaga’s Dogs Thieves May Not Have Intentionally Targeted Her According To A New Report

Just a few days ago, the music world was greeted with rather bizarre news regarding Lady Gaga and her dogs. Thieves shot her dog walker, Ryan Fischer, and stole two of her three French bulldogs, named Koji and Gustav. As a result of the incident, the singer offered a $500,000 reward for their return or any information leading to it. The dogs would eventually be brought back to her a day later by a woman who found them tied up in an alley. While law enforcement initially believed the incident was a targeted attack on Lady Gaga, they now believe that may not have been the case.

According to an update from TMZ, Fisher was not just out on a leisurely walk around the block with the dogs. Minutes before the attack, he had stopped by a liquor store, a mere seven blocks away from where he was shot. The Almor Wine & Spirits store is located at the intersection of Sunset Blvd. and N. Fairfax Ave. in Hollywood, an area that is heavily trafficked and well lit, making it very much possible that thieves spotted Fisher and the dogs as they walked away from the store with the dogs and decided to attack. Police also believe Lady Gaga was not targeted because a ransom demand was not made during the ordeal.

Shortly after the shooting incident, the family of Ryan Fisher shared a statement on his condition. “Ryan is receiving extraordinary care in the hospital right now and his doctors expect him to make a full recovery,” they said. “We cannot possibly say enough to thank all of the first responders, nurses and doctors who have worked so tirelessly to care for Ryan.”