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Nintendo Announced A New Direct And Treehouse Showcase For E3 2021

After months of wondering who would be showing up at E3, what their plans were for the event, and what the digital-only format would look like, we’re finally starting to get some clarity on how E3 is going to go down this year. Xbox and Bethesda will host their own event, Ubisoft got in early and announced a showcase of their own, and now, we have Nintendo on June 15.

On Wednesday, Nintendo announced that they will not only host a Direct to show everyone some new and upcoming titles, but they will also host a Treehouse event afterwards to show off some them off. They’ve also used that as a chance to sneak in an announcement every once in awhile, but it’s usually the place to see actual gameplay demos.

Nintendo is always in a weird place. In the last two years, they’ve released major titles for franchises people love such as Animal Crossing, Paper Mario, Fire Emblem, and Pokémon, but because of the wide variety of beloved IP’s, there is always someone wanting more in that group of fans. There is also a clamoring for new hardware, and if reports are true, then we should be getting a new one this fall.

If we really are getting a new Switch this fall, then Nintendo will likely want a strong release to go alongside it, giving this the potential to be a strong E3 showing from Nintendo. The perfect E3 would be an event showing a number of new, exciting games and telling us they’re coming to a new Switch.