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Here’s Your First Glimpse Of Monica Lewinsky (Played By Beanie Feldstein) In ‘Impeachment: American Crime Story’

There was a time when Impeachment, the third installment of American Crime Story, almost didn’t happen. Ryan Murphy temporarily scrapped his telling of the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky scandal before thinking better of it. And proof that he’s seeing it through can be found in the new poster for the series, which was debuted by its resident Lewinsky, Beanie Feldstein.

It also gifts the world with the first look at Feldstein as Lewinsky — sort of. It’s just her back as she stands, facing the White House, ready to unwittingly expose a sitting president’s extramarital affairs. Speaking of which, Sarah Paulson will play Linda Tripp, the co-worker who broke the news of her trysts with the commander-in-chief, partly by secretly taping their phonecalls. Meanwhile, Clive Owen plays Bill and Edie Falco Hillary, which sounds great — but not as great as Betty Gilpin’s Ann Coulter or Billy Eichner’s Matt Drudge.

Lewinsky herself has been heavily involved in the production, giving notes and advice on the scripts for every episode. In fact, it was roping her in that inspired Murphy to return to the project, having felt that a series that didn’t feature her input would be “gross.”

Impeachment: American Crime Story debuts on FX starting September 7.

(Via Vanity Fair)