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Tucker Carlson Used AOC’s ‘Tax The Rich’ Dress To Talk About Her Butt, And People Are Calling Him Out

If you thought the Bad Takes about Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez were over, I have bad news: Tucker Carlson has logged on.

On Monday, AOC wore a white dress with the words “Tax the Rich” to the swanky Met Gala. “The medium is the message,” she wrote on Instagram about her fashion choice. “The time is now for childcare, healthcare, and climate action for all. Tax the Rich.” If the medium was the message, the message worked: there was a massive increase in Google searches for “Tax the Rich” and she managed to piss off a bunch of conservatives, including Lauren Boebert, Tomi Lahren, and of course, Tucker Carlson.

The pile of rumpled clothes masquerading as a Fox News host used the dress as an excuse to talk about AOC’s body. “If you’ve been awake at any point over the past 24 hours, you have probably seen this picture of Sandy Cortez showing up in a $35,000 a head gala in New York with a dress that says ‘Tax the Rich’ across the back,” he said. “So Cortez claims she wore the dress to start a conversation about what it means to be a working-class woman of color and not at all so we would stare at a picture of her butt.”

He also called her “so dumb and so annoying” (spoken like a middle school bully) before admitting that she’s “also kind of clever… She is baiting us here, obviously. And it’s tempting to rise to the bait.” He then called her a “paid defender of entrenched power.”

Carlson has made sexist attacks about AOC before (like when he told her to “get a therapist, honey” after she expressed her fear that she was going to be killed by MAGA rioters on January 6), but he’s really saying the quiet part loud by talking about her butt.