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ESPN’s Marcus Spears Tore Apart Urban Meyer And Said He ‘Shouldn’t Be The Head Coach Of Anybody’

Urban Meyer issued up a response on Monday morning to the viral pictures and videos of him at a bar in Columbus, Ohio over the weekend in the aftermath of the Jacksonville Jaguars’ Week 4 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals. Meyer, who said he was “stupid” and apologized to his team “being a distraction,” was caught dancing with a young woman who was not his wife, among other things that popped up on the internet in recent days from his night out.

In response to all of this, ESPN’s Marcus Spears believes we have enough evidence to suggest that Meyer should be fired. Both Spears and fellow NFL Live panelist Dan Orlovsky advocated for the team to fire him, with the former saying that this is the latest in a line of decisions that show Meyer can’t be tasked with running an NFL team and the latter saying it’s impossible for him to lead when these sorts of things are going on.

“Shad Khan, you need to find you a new head coach, bruh,” Spears said. “It’s time for Urban Meyer to be dismissed and relieved of his duties. This is not the first distraction, right? This is not a visceral reaction to what Urban Meyer did, even though there needs to be one to that as well. He brought in a strength coach that had a racist history, he brought in Tim Tebow to play tight end, which he never did in the NFL before. This is a pattern that we’ve seen go on since Urban Meyer has been the head coach in Jacksonville.”

“I wanna put myself in [Trevor Lawrence’s] shoes and talk to coach Urban Meyer,” Orlovsky said. “As the coach, it’s hard for you to lead me when you can’t lead yourself. How can I sit here in the locker room and listen to you preach about culture when you do things like this?”

Spears kept going on Meyer, expressing his belief that when you look into his past, it becomes hard to justify him sticking around as a coach.

“We got enough evidence about who Urban Meyer is, America,” Spears said. “We have enough. If you wanna research it yourself, go ahead and do it. I’ve researched it, I’ve talked to people in circles, it’s enough out there for everybody to understand why Urban Meyer shouldn’t be the head coach of anybody.”

Meyer is four games into his time as an NFL head coach following a lengthy and successful college career. The Jaguars sit 0-4 on the season.