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Britney Spears Was Reportedly Only Allowed To Read Religious Books The First Year Of Her Conservatorship

With the news that her father will soon be removed as her co-conservator, Britney Spears has been more openly expressive on social media. She celebrated her newfound freedom by posting near-nudes while on vacation, and she recently directly thanked the #FreeBritney movement for calling attention to her legal case. Her independence is definitely a departure from what she experienced while her father acted as her conservator, as a new report states Jamie Spears was actively pushing religion on her during the early stages of her legal battles.

A report from TMZ details how Jamie, a born-again Christian after a stint in a rehab center early in Spears conservatorship, was trying to center the singer’s life around religion. TMZ alleges that Spears was diagnosed with a mental illness by medical professionals, but her father was convinced she could be helped by devoting herself to religion.

TMZ’s report states Jamie and his business partners would walk around with a bible in hand during the first year of Spears’ conservatorship, delivering lines of scripture. On top of that, Spears’ team only allowed her to read “religious material,” and there was a major disdain for anyone in her life who wasn’t considered to be a “good Christian.”

Part of the religious push on Spears was spearheaded by her management company, TriStar Entertainment, the CEO of which was also a fervent born-again Christian. Per a deal made by Jamie with TriStar, the company was getting five percent of Spears’ overall profits. But when the singer refused to continue performing in 2019, TriStar made an agreement with Jamie to still receive a $500,000 minimum annual salary, a deal which Spears’ legal team said accounted for a 260 percent raise. Spears’ legal team took action against the business deal in 2020, seeking over $300,00 from the entertainment company, the amount Spears’ team felt TriStar was overpaid.