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Shocker! Donald Trump Is Spewing Vile Lies About Haitian Refugees: ‘Those People Probably Have AIDS’

It’s been nearly nine months since Donald Trump got the boot from the White House. But if you think all that time spent golfing in the Florida sun and crashing weddings at Mar-a-Lago have chilled him out a bit… well, you’d be dead wrong. He’s still a bloviating old man who’s as full of as many racist opinions and bad takes as he was when he was in office. Which is why his drunk uncle comments about Haitian immigrants are, sadly, unsurprising.

As Raw Story notes, the former president showed up on his good pal Sean Hannity’s Fox News show on Thursday night, and was ready to vomit up some of his deepest, darkest, dumbest thoughts and not be called out at all for it. Really, it’s Hannity’s fault. He got the former POTUS all riled up by reminding him of his promises to obliterate the Taliban. That somehow then led to what Trump described as “the one other thing no one talks about,” then dropped this repulsive soundbite:

“You know, there’s one other thing that nobody talks about. So we have hundreds of thousands of people flowing in from Haiti. Haiti has a tremendous AIDS problem. AIDS is a step beyond, AIDS is a real bad problem. So hundreds of thousands of people are coming into our country, and if you look at the stats, if you look at the numbers, if you just take a look at what’s happening in Haiti, a tremendous problem with AIDS, many of those people will probably have AIDS, and they’re coming into our country. And we don’t do anything about it, we let everybody come in! Sean, it’s like a death wish. It’s like a death wish for our country.”

There… are no words.

You can listen to the clip below:

(Via Raw Story)