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Halsey And Kim Kardashian Reject Cecily Strong’s Girl Group Idea In An ‘SNL’ Promo

Tomorrow will mark Kim Kardashian’s debut as a Saturday Night Live host, and preceding the episodes are always some promo videos. Well, the ones for this week have dropped, and in them, Kardashian and musical guest Halsey shut down a proposal from Cecily Strong.

After Kardashian introduced herself and Halsey, Strong said, “Oh my gosh, this crazy thought just occurred to me in this exact moment right now: Should we start our own girl group?” Halsey was quick to respond, “Absolutely not.” Kardashian added, “We already said no when you pitched that backstage.” Strong replied, “OK, you could hear me. I wasn’t sure because security had me in a headlock.”

In another bit, Strong asked Kardashian if she was nervous about doing the show. She responded by asking if she has to write sketches, memorize lines, or if anybody else will look as good as her. The answer to all of those was no, to which Kardashian replied, “This is so easy.”

Meanwhile, it has been rumored in recent days that Kanye West has been helping Kardashian prepare for her big night: E! News cited “a source” as saying, “Kim has consulted with Kanye and asked for feedback. She values his opinion creatively and artistically. They’ve talked about some different ideas and he has been very supportive.”

Check out the SNL promo above.