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Tyson Fury Beat Deontay Wilder By Knockout In The 11th Round Of Their Instant Classic Third Fight

Boxing’s latest trilogy fight lived up to the billing. WBC and The Ring heavyweight champion Tyson Fury (31-0-1, 21 KOs) put his championships on the line against his old rival, Deontay Wilder (42-2-1, 41 KOs), in their first fight since Fury took those titles off of him back in Feb. 2020. It took 11 rounds, but ultimately, the Gypsy King was able to pick up a knockout to continue his reign atop the spot.

After two rounds of going back-and-forth, Fury sent Wilder to the mat first. Fury had Wilder up against the ropes and hit him with a left and right that had him rattled. Wilder dropped his head and Fury looked like he made contact with his right, which gave him the first knockdown of the night.

But after heading back to his corner and regrouping, Wilder came out and dominated round four. The Bronze Bomber picked up a pair of knockdowns, throwing the kinds of huge right hands that have been a staple of his career as a fighter so far. That was particularly the case on the first knockdown, as Wilder strutted away seeming to think he was a 10-count away from regaining his title.

Things looked like they were hanging by a thread for Wilder in the seventh round. Fury caught him with a pair of right hands, which led to Wilder wrapping him up. While there, Fury hit him with a left, but Wilder was able to survive the round despite looking awfully wobbly.

The following round, Fury once again made good contact and had Wilder stumbling, but he managed to stay on his feet.

In Round 10, Fury planted the seeds for his eventual win, knocking down Wilder with a vicious right. Wilder got back up, however, and looked like he caught a second wind towards the very end of the round.

But eventually, the Gypsy King finished the fight with a brutal right hand that sent Wilder to sleep.

At the time of the stoppage, Fury was up on the cards thanks to his relentless onslaught in the later rounds, erasing the early deficit after Wilder picked up a 10-7 round in the fourth.

Still, this was a fight that deserved a finish before going to the cards and Fury delivered, emerging with a sensational knockout win, while Wilder picked up a ton of respect for how he battled throughout despite the barrage of power shots Fury delivered.