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Dave Grohl Tells A Wild Story About A Star-Studded, Ever-Expanding Dinner With Paul McCartney And Others

Dave Grohl is on a big storytelling kick, which is fair: His new book, The Storyteller: Tales Of Life And Music, is out now. So, he’s been doing some interviews about it, and in a recent one with Waterstones, he discusses a dinner party that got more and more star-studded as the night went on.

The story takes place around the time of the Grammys, during a year when Grohl was asked to present an award (which he was in 2013 and 2015). Grohl wanted to avoid the regular Grammy after-parties, so instead of going to one of those, he and his Foo Fighters bandmates booked a table at a restaurant.

Then, Paul McCartney, who regularly meets up with Grohl when he’s in town, ended up joining them. Shortly after getting that set up, McCartney bumped into AC/DC at a hotel and invited them to join the festivities.

“This was huge to me,” Grohl said, “because I really was a huge AC/DC fan when I was young. The thing about AC/DC is you never see them unless they’re on stage. It’s not like you see them walking the carpet at a movie premiere. […] So to see them in the flesh, off-stage, was wild.”

That would have been enough to make this a fascinating evening, but the story kept going from there, ending with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band performing as they walked down the street and into the restaurant to join the celebrity for dinner.

There’s more to the story and it’s best told by Grohl himself, so watch him recount the tale above and find the full interview below.