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Paul Rudd Is A Terrible Therapist Who Turns Will Ferrell’s Life Upside Down In The ‘The Shrink Next Door’ Trailer

With its release just one month away, The Shrink Next Door dropped its newest trailer that explores the tension building relationship between Will Ferrell’s Marty and Paul Rudd’s increasingly “unconventional” therapist Dr. Ike. WandaVision‘s Kathryn Hahn is also along for the ride to round out one hell of a cast.

As the new trailer reveals, an increasingly distressed Marty is falling apart at work and agrees to see a therapist at the urging of his sister played by Hahn. But while Dr. Ike seems like a warm, friendly therapist who starts turning Marty’s life around, it becomes clear that he’s becoming too involved in his patient’s life. Soon, Dr. Ike is directly involved in Marty’s now successful business, and he’s urging him to ice out his sister who can plainly see what’s happening as the dark comedy unfolds.

Here’s the official synopsis:

Inspired by the true story of Marty and the therapist who turned his life around… then took it over. When he first meets Dr. Ike, Marty just wants to get better at boundaries. Over 30 years, he’ll learn all about them–and what happens when they get crossed.

The first three episodes of The Shrink Next Door premiere November 12 on Apple TV+.