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Larry David Shared The Story Of The Time He Mistakenly Showed Up At Jimmy Kimmel’s House For Dinner On The Wrong Day

If there’s one thing that’s almost as entertaining as a new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, it’s watching Larry David be forced to leave his house (the worst!) and drum up publicity for the show. On Tuesday night, he stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live—though admitted that he had thought about canceling the appearance earlier in the day. Which reminded Kimmel of the time he had invited David to his home for dinner, “and I wouldn’t say you cancelled necessarily…” David took the story from there.

According to David, Kimmel had invited him for dinner, which he found kind of odd to begin with because “I don’t really know him that well.” David also didn’t understand why Kimmel would even want him in his home in the first place, “because leaving my house requires talking and listening, you know. Listening? Not my forte.” In what might have then been a best case scenario for all involved, the dinner never ended up happening because, as David explained, “I show up at his house and nobody’s home.”

Kimmel actually kept the text exchange that followed, which went like this:

David: I’m outside! Can’t get in.
Kimmel: It’s next Monday! I am at a funeral — sorry pal
David: Holy sh*t!!! Hahaha
Good panel for next time I’m on!

Kimmel’s favorite part of the story was David’s “Hahaha” response to the host explaining that he was at a funeral.

As for what happened the following Monday? David didn’t show. As he explained it, he had already gotten up the energy to do it once—“couldn’t go the second time, no.” Though he did ask Kimmel to do him a favor and “try it again!”

If this entire scenario sounds vaguely familiar, it might be because it was a plotline in “Meet the Blacks,” Curb Your Enthusiasm’s sixth season premiere. David realizes that getting the date wrong is the perfect excuse for getting out of having to attend a party… until a series of mixed-up plans catch up to him.

Season 11 of Curb Your Enthusiasm premieres on HBO on Sunday, October 24. You can watch the full clip of David and Kimmel’s conversation above.