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Comedian Whitmer Thomas Announces A December Mini-Tour Featuring New Songs And Material

Comedian Whitmer Thomas has been garnering attention for his 2020 comedy special, The Golden One, and now he’s announced a December tour that will feature some new material as well. The Golden One was produced by Bo Burnham (who has enjoyed some pandemic-related success of his own with Inside), Chris Storer, and A24, and came out in February of last year.

But as the special racked up rave reviews and continued resonating, Thomas continued working on new material and songs, building off pre-existing clips like “Partied To Death,” which you can also watch above. All the music from the show was actually released as an album which was titled Songs From The Golden One.

The short tour, dubbed The Collage Of Crap Mini Tour 2021, begins December 1 in Los Angeles and finishes up December 15 in Chicago. In an interview with our own Jason Tabrys last year, Thomas talked about how the blend of music and comedy helps him confront some of the darker subject matter he deals with. “I think it’s easier for me to write about it in music, but I feel more comfortable talking about it in comedy,” he said. “If there’s a joke or if there’s a larger funny thing, then it’s easier for me to talk about grief and stuff like that. Trauma.”

Check out the full tour dates on the poster below.

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