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Peppa Pig Gets An Apology From Adele After Confronting Her About Saying No To A Collaboration

Over the past year, Peppa Pig — the titular animated character from the long-running children’s TV show — has been involved in a surprising amount of music porks beefs. Back in December, Cardi B expressed frustration with how Peppa was influencing Kulture to want to jump in puddles, since that’s a pastime in which Peppa often indulges. Just last month, the Peppa Pig Twitter account went at Kanye West to brag about getting a higher album review score from Pitchfork than West did with Donda.

Recently, it was Adele’s turn for a barnyard brawl. Fortunately, the situation has been amicably resolved.

During a recent livestream, Adele was asked if she’d collaborate with Peppa, and she answered emphatically, “No!” Peppa responded on Twitter with a GIF of her hanging up a phone (which comes from this hilarious scene, by the way).

Fast-forward to his morning, when Adele was doing an interview with Capital FM. During the chat, the hosts brought up the Peppa situation and then played a message from Peppa herself, much to Adele’s surprise. Peppa said, “Hello, Adele! That made me really, really sad when you said you wouldn’t collaborate with me. Why not? Don’t you like me?”

Adele’s first response was to question the authenticity of the voice (Peppa has been voiced by multiple actors over the show’s run). She said, “Is that the real nowadays Peppa? First of all, babes: Peppa, that ain’t the one of you I know. That’s not the same voice as the one I grew up with my son. But Peppa, I’ve already said today: I regret it. I spent three years watching you. I really regret it, and any time you want to go jumping in muddy puddles and sing in muddy puddles, I’m with you, babes. I felt terrible the second I said it.”

Adele referred to an interview with Hits Radio from earlier in the morning. During that conversation, Peppa was also mentioned, and Adele said of the situation, “I felt terrible because I watched Peppa Pig every day for three years when my kid was younger. […] Peppa, I’ll always do a duet with you, babes. Love ya!”

If Peppa does end up getting an Adele collab, she’d be in rare company, as Adele doesn’t have many guests on her upcoming album, 30.