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It’s ‘Archer’ Meets A Gun-Slinging Monkey In The Official Trailer For ‘Marvel’s Hit-Monkey’

If you thought Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K. was out there, wait until you see what the team over at Hulu is working on next. Following M.O.D.O.K. (but unfortunately no longer leading up to the debut of the tentatively planned The Offenders series over on Hulu), the streaming service has revealed the first trailer for Marvel’s Hit-Monkey and forgive us for making the pun but… it’s pretty ape sh*t.

Based on the 2010 comic series of the same name, Hit-Monkey follows a Japanese snow monkey (voiced by legendary voice actor Fred Tatasciore) who ultimately dedicates his life to killing fellow assassins. However, based on the trailer, it seems there might be some deviations between the comic series and the upcoming television adaptation.

In the Hit-Monkey comics, the monkey who goes on to become the legendary killer gains his skills through disdainfully watching an unnamed assassin (Jason Sudeikis’ Bryce, in the trailer) train following his troop of fellow snow monkeys essentially adopting and caring for him following an assignment gone wrong. Eventually, the observant monkey attacks the rest of his tribe after they attempt to save the hitman from death, which he vehemently objects to, and he is ultimately banished from the tribe for his violent nature. During his banishment however, he finds a group of assassins on the way to finish their job and kill the unnamed man staying with the monkeys. When Hit-Monkey returns, the unnamed assassin and his entire, former tribe have been murdered, causing Hit-Monkey to take on a vow of revenge. In addition to appearing in his own series, the furry lil’ killer has also been featured in the Deadpool comics, which makes complete sense given literally everything about his character.

While it could be the trailer doesn’t paint the whole, bloody picture, it seems like the show will deviate somewhat from that premise, and the unnamed assassin will play a much larger part as Bryce, Hit-Monkey’s ghost companion who helps train the little guy. The trailer also introduces us to Shinji Yokohama (George Takei), a “kind politician with too much on his shoulders,” Akiki (Olivia Munn), “the smart and ambitious niece of Shinji,” and Haruka (Ally Maki), ” a good honest cop who wants to fight the injustice in Tokyo.”

Directed by Will Speck and Josh Gordon (Blades of Glory, Office Christmas Party, The Switch), the crude comedy might remind you a bit of another adult animated series: Archer. This is because Floyd County Productions, the production studio behind hit FX series Archer, is the same one working on Hit-Monkey. The series is set to hit Hulu on November 17, 2021, and is the last planned Marvel series coming to the service after its planned Howard the Duck, Tigra & Dazzler, and The Offenders series were all canned.