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‘Succession’ Fans Had A Field Day Over The Same Killer Line From The Season Premiere

Succession brought “killers” back, y’all, at least metaphorically. The third season has drawn battle lines following Kendall Roy’s decision to light the Waystar Royco world on fire, and everyone’s here to take a side in his war against Logan, i.e. King of the F*ck Offs. Speaking of which, Logan promised to go “full f*cking beast,” and that hasn’t happened yet, but give it time because the premiere was all about lining up who’s on what team.

In short, the civil war is looking pretty imbalanced at the moment. Shiv and Roman and their assorted associates/love interests/and so on are all Team Logan, and Team Kendall includes… well, Cousin Greg. We’ll soon see Alexander Skarsgård and Adrien Brody join the chaos, but for now, it’s all about playing with language, meaning that Logan’s getting Shakespearean again up in this motherf*cker, and Cousin Greg is making awkward-as-hell cultural references. That leaves us with a pretty fitting reference for Kendall, who finally proved to dad that he’s a “killer,” while Greg’s thrilled to be in a chase-like situation that will remind everyone of a certain white Bronco that carried O.J. Simpson in the mid-1990s as he fled from murder charges.

This led to the greatest line of the premiere. No, I’m not talking about Logan’s “I get the sh*ts, we’re f*cked.” Rather, let’s reflect upon how Cousin Greg (while being in a vehicle that’s the center of national news coverage) almost rapturously proclaimed, “This is like O.J….you know if O.J. never killed anyone.” Kendall was all like, dude, who told you I never killed someone, and he added, “Juice is loose, baby!”


It says a lot about Kendall’s mindset in an ongoing way. And yeah, people loved this, almost too much. It’s good to have Succession back again.

HBO’s Succession airs on Sunday nights.