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Netflix Ominously Teases ‘A Beginning’ For ‘Ozark’ As The Series Follows Up On That Blood-Spattered Finale

Is it time for one last job for Marty Byrde? A better question: will he actually get his originally-intended job done? God only knows, and god help Wendy and Ruth, so let’s all salute her “I don’t know sh*t about f*ck” before the super-sized final Ozark season arrives. We’ve got a Season 4 teaser, which follows up on the blood-spattered tarmac happenings, as Marty meant to head toward Mexico. And it looks like he got there.

In other words, Marty Byrde’s back for one more play (and he’s in a heap of sh*t, as usual) after the third season lit his money-laundering world on fire. He obviously survived the mess, and Wendy went with him, meaning that she didn’t take the family and didn’t run, and we don’t get to see Julia Garner’s fan-favorite Ruth Langmore here, but we do get to hear her wondering if death would be a better option. That’s a fair question, but before we receive the answer, I want to see a capsule episode where Ruth tosses everyone off a casino boat. Make it happen.

Notably, we’re reminded here of “a beginning,” which is a direct callback to Navarro’s “today is a beginning” from the Season 3 finale after Helen takes a gunshot to the head. That truly shocking cliffhanger looks to lead directly into what we’re seeing above.

All of the show’s characters might feel like Ruth does before this show is over, but fortunately for the show’s fans, the season will contain 14 episodes, which will launch in two seven-part halves, so we might as well pretend that we’re getting five seasons. And boy, Jason Bateman has been ready to do this thing. Last summer, he declared in a statement, “I’m excited to end with a bang(s),” so I’ll (perhaps unrightfully) assume that he’s good with my multi-season mindset. Surely, he won’t mind.

Ozark will return on January 21, 2022.