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Please Stop Trying To One-Up Ice-T About Television History (Because He Will Come For You)

Ice-T takes no lip from people on Twitter. That should be no surprise, but he sure as heck enjoys pushing back when people get argumentative with him. He’s roasted “squares talking sh*t” who give him hell for playing a cop on Law and Order: SVU, and he’s aired his perspective on the cops who pulled him over on his way to work (obviously, to play a cop on SVU). So, you know he’d have a few things to say when people tried to correct him on television history — especially on the day that SVU will air its 500th episode.

Ice was in the mood to celebrate. “TONIGHT!” he tweeted. “Something that has NEVER been done. 500 episodes of a TV Series. Tune in tonight for the 500th Episode of the longest running Primetime Drama in History.”

500 episodes is wild to behold, especially considering that SVU outlasted the original Law and Order flagship series, which called it quits a decade ago (although there will be a reboot of sorts coming). That’s 500 episodes of putting sex offenders behind bars and Ice’s Fin Tutuola taking no sh*t (although he does occasionally go to a strange place in dialogue-land, as evidenced by John Mulaney).

Nonetheless, a few people decided to try and rain on Ice’s parade. When someone popped up to cite Gunsmoke‘s 600+ episodes, Ice pushed back (in a now-deleted tweet), hard.

Ice-T on Twitter

And of course, other people chimed in as well, citing a few manga series and The Simpsons. Yup, you guessed it. Ice-T is not listening to them, either. “And those are REAL people too right?” he rhetorically inquired. “Smh MFs love to disagree.”

Ice-T on Twitter

Well, it doesn’t even matter who’s correct here, does it? All of these shows have achieved an absurd number of episodes, and SVU has reached an extraordinary milestone. And Ice-T is correct, too, on the point that people “love to disagree.”

NBC’s Law and Order: SVU airs on Thursday nights.