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ABC Is Reportedly ‘Furious’ Over Meghan McClain’s Claim That ‘The View’ Is A ‘Toxic Work Environment’

In her new memoir, Bad Republican, Meghan McCain claims that she left The View due to a “toxic” work environment. She singled out an on-air exchange from a January 2021 episode, her first since returning from maternity leave, as a breaking point.

It happened after McCain joked to co-host Joy Behar, “You missed me so much when I was on maternity leave. You missed fighting with me.” Behar’s wildly-celebrated response: “I did not. I did not miss you. Zero.” In the book, she writes, “It is one of the most singular feelings of loneliness and anguish I have felt in my entire life. It was a perfect storm of hormones, postpartum anxiety, and a lot of demons on The View coming out to bite me.” McCain also said “working at The View brings out the worst in people.”

ABC is reportedly “furious” about McCain’s claims. From TMZ:

ABC execs say the notion Meghan left on her own volition is wrong, and ditto for her claim everybody except her was oozing toxicity. Our sources tell us Meghan was essentially forced out of her role after an internal investigation into the environment she describes — which we’re told was, in fact, real… but mostly due to Meghan’s behavior on and off camera, not her co-workers’.

TMZ also claims that ABC News president Kim Godwin did a “thorough investigation” and found that “Meghan was the source of a lot of the in-fighting that ultimately played out on the show… something Godwin had to address head-on in an emergency Zoom meeting.” McCain might have left The View, but her messiness remains.

(Via TMZ)