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Ted Cruz’s Bizarre Proposal To Send Migrants To Martha’s Vineyard And ‘Democrat-Led’ Cities Blew Up In His Face

Earlier this week, Republican Senator Ted Cruz introduced a new bill that would essentially send migrants to liberal cities in what essentially amounts to payback for President Joe Biden loosening immigration restrictions at the border. Titled the “Stop the SURGE Act,” Cruz’s bill specifically targets locations frequented by Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, and other “Democrat elites.” Here’s a passage from the bill via Cruz’s campaign website:

For the past ten months, President Biden and his administration have willingly surrendered the United States’ southern border to dangerous criminal cartels, with no thought given to the South Texas border communities like McAllen and Del Rio, which are running low on resources from dealing with this massive influx of illegal immigrants. That’s why today I am introducing this crucial legislation to alleviate the massive overload at the southern border by establishing new ports of entry in Democrat-led communities such as North Hero, Vermont, where Bernie Sanders spends his summers, and Martha’s Vineyard, where Democrat elites host their cocktail parties.

Naturally, Cruz promoted the bill on Fox News where he performed some kind of weird British accent in an effort to mock… New Englanders? It was all very strange.

As is often the case whenever Cruz speaks, the Texas senator is getting roasted alive on Twitter where people are bringing up his infamous Cancun trip as well as his Ivy League education from the same liberal areas he condemns:

More reactions noted that Cruz’s plan is actually a great idea, and that the liberal areas would gladly welcome the influx of new workers as many industries are currently plagued by labor shortages:

And others just got straight to the point:

(Via Ted Cruz, The Recount on Twitter)