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Tekashi 69’s Ex-Manager Shotti Seeks Affordable Legal Cousel, Saying He Only Has $1,200 To His Name

Back in 2019, Tekashi 69 was sentenced to two years in prison for his involvement in a federal racketeering case. The rapper was eventually released early due to a COVID outbreak in his detention facility, but the same can’t be said for Tekashi’s former manager Shotti, aka Kifano Jordan. Shotti was sentenced to 15 years in prison in 2019 following two firearm charges. Now, he’s reportedly requesting new legal counsel. The reason? He can’t afford a lawyer.

According to a report from Complex, Shotti put forth a motion with the US Court of Appeals earlier this week, asking to be appointed an attorney to “aid in presenting issues” with his case to the court. Shotti’s motion claims he’s too low on cash to hire a lawyer, stating he has just $1,200 in “cash on hand or money in savings or checking accounts.” If Shotti’s motion is approved, he’ll be appointed Federal Public Defender or a private attorney compensated under the Criminal Justice Act.

Shotti’s legal documents state he’s been held in isolation under pandemic restrictions, which he says prohibits him from being able to research his appeal efforts. “[Shotti’s] case is complex and beyond any understanding he has of the law and its procedures,” his filing states. “The petitioner desperately needs the help of legal counsel to properly prepare the issues and supporting facts and laws to support each issue that will be presented before this honorable court.”

Read Complex’s full report on Shotti’s recent legal documents here.