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Chloe Bailey And Gunna Were Spotted At A Recent NBA Game And Fans Are Disgusted By Her Beverage Choice

One of the more amusing/annoying things about Twitter is the preponderance of food opinions and the rigor with which users debate such weighty and controversial topics as pineapple on pizza, whether hot dogs are sandwiches, and drumettes vs. flats. It generally tips further into annoying, though, when folks get snooty about things like bottled water brands as indicators of wealth (it’s a whole thing; you can read about it here). Unfortunately, it seems no one is immune from the judgment of the Twitter peanut gallery — not even young artists as universally beloved as Chloe Bailey.

The 23-year-old singer recently attended the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks vs. Dallas Mavericks game, drawing attention for two major reasons. One was her immediate neighbor on the courtside seats: Atlanta rapper Gunna, whose reaction to Chloe’s recent VMA’s performance of her debut solo single “Have Mercy” went viral. And the other was her choice of beverage — a bottle of water. As photos of the couple(?) began circulating on Twitter, the water began drawing even more attention, mainly due to the name on the label: Dasani, which according to some Twitter users is an inferior brand (the ingredients are H2O, people, it shouldn’t be this serious).

Meanwhile, as some more astute folks observed, the brand of water being served is controlled by the venue, not the guest, and they were rightly amused at the water snobbery on display.

I guess it just goes to show that you can’t do anything right as far as social media is concerned. Also, y’all need to drink more water, I promise it’s better for you than whatever sweet drinks you’re guzzling — no matter what brand it is.