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Jason Sudeikis Turns Down An ‘Awful’ ‘Ted Lasso’ Sketch In The Promo For This Week’s ‘SNL’

SNL is letting a sketch comedian host the show for the first time this season.

Former cast member Jason Sudeikis will make his SNL hosting debut this weekend (he better bring back the tracksuit), along with musical guest Brandi Carlile. The promo for the episode finds the Emmy-winning actor channeling Ted Lasso’s good-natured enthuasism — and hearing an “awful” pitch for a parody of the Apple TV+ series.

After Chloe Fineman and Alex Moffat said the episode will be “spooky” and “scary,” and Carlile promised it will “have some laughs,” Sudeikis adds, “And if we do things right, we just might learn a little something about ourselves along the way.” Blank stares. “Or not.”

In the second part of the promo, Moffat asks “Jas” if he’s had a chance to read the sketch he wrote. “The one with the loaf of sourdough that coaches Manchester United?” That’s the one: “Bread Lasso.” “Yeah, Brandi and I were just talking about that one,” Sudeikis responds. “Real awful stuff, man.” Fineman agrees, so she offers a punch up, “Shed Lasso.” He’s a fan. “That’s really good, actually,” Sudeikis says.

Sudeikis was a cast member on SNL from 2005 to 2013. He impersonated George W. Bush and Mitt Romney and appeared in one of the show’s weirdest sketches of all-time. And let’s not forget DJ Supersoak.

RIP Ass Dan.