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Marjorie Taylor Greene Tried To Harass Liz Cheney On The House Floor And Was Promptly Served With A ‘Jewish Space Lasers’ Burn

Marjorie Taylor Greene should never give up her day job—though, admittedly, not a lot of people are quite sure just what that is. Judging by her actions, it would seem to be professional stalker? But on Thursday, she took a break from harassing AOC—her most beloved and frequent target—and instead went after Liz Cheney and Jamie Raskin on the floor of the House shortly after the vote on whether to hold Steve Bannon in contempt for ignoring the January 6th committee’s subpoenas.

According to The Hill, Raskin—who led Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial, which began just about a month after the Capitol insurrection—was the first to serve MTG with some roasting retorts. Greene, who apparently doesn’t see why anyone should care if a man who has intimate knowledge of the president’s part in an act of domestic terrorism, asked the Maryland congressman when he planned to investigate the violence that erupted around the Black Lives Matter protests, to which he replied: “Like with Kyle Rittenhouse who went and killed two Black Lives Matter protesters?” I’m sure there will be an opportunity for us to get to that.”

Greene, perhaps realizing she had lost that argument or not, then reportedly proclaimed—loudly and to no one in particular—that the contempt vote was “a joke.” Then, as The Hill notes:

Cheney shot back that Greene was “a joke” and that she should be focusing on Jewish space lasers, a reference to a conspiracy theory Greene previously had promoted on Facebook blaming “space lasers” controlled by a powerful Jewish family for starting wildfires in California.

“I never said that! You’re done. You’re a joke!” Greene yelled at Cheney, according to CNN. “Why don’t you go investigate something that matters to the American people?”

According to Raskin, “[Greene] seemed to have some kind of ancient beef with the former chair of the House Republican Conference, Liz Cheney, over the Jewish space lasers thing or something like that. And she denied that she’d ever said that and blamed that on the mainstream media.”

Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

Greene, never the voice of reason, spoke with The Hill about dust-up and, in true MTG style, said that: “Liz Cheney is a liar, and you can quote me on that. She’s a liar and she’s only serving her own interests, which is to tear Trump down. She’s a liar. It’s a scam. It’s a witch hunt. It’s a joke committee, and I think it’s a waste of taxpayers’ dollars… She’s just jealous and she hates Trump. Nobody cares about Liz Cheney. I think that’s the biggest story—nobody cares about Liz Cheney or their stupid committee.”

Now if someone could just produce video of this whole exchange and set it to the Benny Hill theme, this week’s news cycle would be complete.

(Via The Hill)