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Stephen Colbert Is Tickled That Trump’s Shady New Social Network Was Immediately Overrun By Trolls

The irony of Donald Trump naming his new social media platform TRUTH Social (all-caps are his) is not lost on anyone who understands the meaning of irony. That includes The Late Show host Stephen Colbert, who dedicated several minutes of Thursday night’s show to poking fun at the former president’s new Interweb endeavor—beginning with its name.

“The man who told over 30,000 lies in office has started something called TRUTH,” Colbert marveled, joking that “He’s also launched a new makeup line called Human Skin.”

Colbert’s favorite part of the story, however, was how quickly it took for the site to become hijacked by trolls. As the host explained:

“The site was briefly accessible to the public last night, and was immediately overrun by trolls. Including one who started a fake account under the former president’s name that posted a photo of a pig defecating on its own scrotum.”

Colbert’s main question: “Are they sure that was a fake account? ‘Cause it feels on-brand.”

Trump also announced that part of his new online takeover will include setting up his own streaming service… which Colbert was quick to point out would actually be “his second streaming service.”

“Evidently, it’s going to be called TMTG+,” Colbert continued, saying that it beat out the former president’s original title: Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV. “According to the press release, they’ll proudly broadcast ‘non-work’ entertainment programming. That’s right! Non-woke! If you can stay awake, your money back!”

You can watch the full clip above, beginning around the 6:00 mark.