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‘SNL’ Weekend Update Made An Especially Savage Joke About Trump’s Forthcoming Social Media Service

This past week, president-turned-failed blogger Donald J. Trump made a big announcement: His long-threatened social media site was going to become a reality. It’s called Truth Social (of course it is) and a beta launch is expected by next month, with it going into full effect sometime in the first quarter of 2022 — i.e., over a year after he was booted from much of social media. The announcement inevitably received a fair amount of online yuks, and sure enough, a particularly savage one appeared on SNL.

During Weekend Update, Michael Che weighed in on the latest far right social media service. “Donald Trump announced the launch of his own social media network that he’s calling Truth Social,” Che said, “but most people know it by its original name: The National Sex Offender Registry.”

Among those who may one day be on that national registry is, of course, Trump himself, who has been credibly accused by over two dozen women of sexual misconduct, including rape.

Che and Jost had zingers for other members of the Trump cabal. “This week, former White House — I wanna say, garbage man? — Steve Bannon was held in contempt in Congress,” Jost said. “But this is what Bannon wants. Just plays into his persecuted messiah complex. Bannon is similar to Jesus in that he looks like he’s been dead for three days.”

For balance, there were a couple digs at current president Joe Biden’s plummeting approval ratings, which, mind you, are currently about as low as Trump’s were for much of his presidency. When host Jason Sudeikis swung by to reprise his old SNL character, the Devil, he circled back to Truth Social, saying it was one of his current projects. Maybe he’s the one who arranged its shady financing and/or stole code from another site.