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The ‘Cowboys For Trump’ Founder Has Finally Turned On Donald, Right In The Middle Of A QAnon Conference

Life comes at you fast. Back in May 2020, Cowboys for Trump founder Couy Griffi merrily rode down a nearly deserted 5th avenue in New York City, as seen in the above photo. Yes, of course he was on a horse and wearing the customary regalia for a guy who founded a group called Cowboys for Trump. Fast forward less than 18 months, and it’s been a hell of a ride for this formerly die-hard MAGA. He also recently withstood, as a county commissioner in southern New Mexico’s Otero County, a recall effort, and he hasn’t been afraid to back up approximately 70 insurrectionists who were jailed following the January 6 siege on the U.S. Capitol.

However, Griffi feels quite differently these days about Donald Trump, so he’s renouncing his fandom. As Raw Story reports, he feels disillusioned and silly for believing that Trump really wanted to lock Hillary Clinton behind bars, and now, Donald is hanging out at Mar-a-Lago and whining about Fox News commercials while his (presidentially-spurred-on) insurrectionists sit behind bars. Here’s what Griffi said, onstage, during a Las Vegas QAnon convention over the weekend:

“We supported President Trump because of his fight for justice as well, and for four years we cried ‘Lock her up. Lock her up. Lock her up.’ … What did the president tell us? ‘If I was in charge of the law, you’d be in jail.’ OK, Mr. President, you were in charge of the law for four years. At the end of your four year time, the only ones that were locked up were men like me, and others like me, that have stood by the president the strongest.”

Yep, it sounds like Griffi’s finally seen the writing on the wall, and unlike many of his QAnon colleagues (including the infamous Shaman), at least he still has his freedom. Also, good luck to us all for hearing about “Cowboys for Trump” and being able to get a certain Pantera riff out of our heads in the next century.

(Via Raw Story)