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Jason Isbell Isn’t Sure What To Think After An Odd Interaction With A Guy Wearing An Isbell Shirt

This summer, a Twitter user went after Jason Isbell with an attempted insult about his level of fame, but Isbell embraced it, replying, “B list is the best list, though. I can go to the grocery store without being bothered, and I afford the good eggs.” Indeed, Isbell is in a position where he’s not a household name to all but has plenty of fans who enjoy and respect his work. It turns out even those folks don’t always recognize him, though.

Yesterday, Isbell shared a story about a peculiar encounter with somebody who appeared to be a fan of his, tweeting, “I just rode an elevator with a guy in a Jason Isbell t-shirt and I said nice shirt and he just said thank you. So either I’m looking not so good today or that’s one cool ass dude. Or maybe the shirt was a gift and it’s laundry day and he’s not a fan at all.”

Isbell’s post prompted some other similar stories of famous people not being recognized. Variety‘s Chris Willman shared a tremendous Dave Matthews story, writing, “I once interviewed Dave Matthews in a park. A young couple asked if we’d help them move furniture. We did and spent a nice half-hour hanging out at their new house. I got their number and later called to ask if they’d heard of Dave Matthews. ‘Yeah, we just went to his show. Why?’” Isbell responded, “I’m honestly not surprised by this one.”

Isbell re-shared another story he called “so magical,” from a Twitter user who wrote, “I once invited David Lee Roth camping/rock climbing and he said yes AND CAME because he was so tickled that I didn’t know who he was IRL despite being an avid MTV teen in his Van Halen years. It happens.” The person later elaborated, “I met Dave at Rat Rock in Central Park. We were both bouldering & struck up a convo & I said my friends & I go climbing in the Gunks every wknd, would he like to come? He said yes, we exchanged # s, he left. […] Dave showed up with his bodyguard/belayer, a ton of food, drink (& other things) A great time was had by all. He said he came bc it was clear I had no idea who he was & we seemed like a fun group.”

A follower also introduced Isbell to a classic viral clip of a street musician singing Matisyahu’s “One Day” while Matisyahu himself watched, unbeknownst to the musician (Matisyahu changed his signature look in 2011).