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Conservative UK radio host tries to own a climate activist and it goes horribly wrong

A climate activist group called Insulate Britain has been causing havoc in the UK for the past six weeks by blocking major roads to promote its climate agenda. Since mid-September 146 members have been arrested 690 times.

Some members of the group have gone so far as to glue themselves to the streets to stop police from arresting them.

While their tactics may seem a little extreme, their message is not. The group has a very practical plan to help the country lower its emissions to combat climate change. It is calling on the government to fully insulate all 29 million homes in Britain by 2030.

“Nearly 15% of the UK’s total emissions comes from heating homes: an overhaul of the energy performance of the UK’s housing stock is needed to reduce the energy demand,” the group says on its website.

Cameron Ford, a spokesperson for Insulate Britain appeared on conservative Mike Graham Show to discuss climate activism and it ended with the show’s host making a bizarre claim about concrete.

Ford is a carpenter.

GRAHAM: You work with trees that have been cut down, then, don’t you.

FORD: It’s a sustainable building practice.

GRAHAM: How is it sustainable if you’re killing trees?

FORD: Because it’s regenerative. You can grow trees, right?

GRAHAM: Well, you can you can grow all sorts of things, can’t you?

FORD: Well, you can’t grow concrete.

GRAHAM: You can.

Then after seven seconds of awkward silence, Graham ended the interview.

After the exchange went viral Graham was dubbed “Mr. Concrete” across social media.

While most people would run away from making such a foolish comment, Graham has decided to double down on his statements. He later appeared on the Jeremy Kyle show where he further explained how concrete grows.

“If you were to say to me, what do you call something that gets bigger, what would you say? It would be something that grows, it expands, it grows,” Graham said, to which Kyle agreed, “Foam things expand.”

“If you were to describe the economy growing, would that be something you would say had to be planted?” Graham added. “It would expand and grow because you have growth in the economy. You don’t actually plant the economy to make it grow.”

He then claimed that concrete grows in a cement mixer. “If you have ever seen somebody making concrete in a concrete mixer… it expands and it grows, so you can actually make it grow,” he continued.

Graham’s attempts to make the case that concrete grows just shows he has very little respect for his audience’s intelligence. He thinks that his verbal gymnastics are clever enough to make them belive something that’s utterly rediculous. But, as we’ve seen time and time again in American media, people have no problem beliving a lie as long as it’s big enough.