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Matt Damon Is A New Face Of Cryptocurrency Thanks To A Commercial From… David Fincher?

Tom Brady is no longer the only famous Bostonian promoting cryptocurrency. Matt Damon is now the face of thanks to a new commercial produced by renowned film director David Fincher because, apparently, the world’s going nuts for the latest fad in computer money.

In the new global ad titled, “Fortune Favours The Brave,” Damon promotes the crypto site with by highlighting inspirational figures from history who would probably want a decentralized form of currency built on blockchain, too. Maybe. Via Variety:

Directed by Wally Pfister and produced by David Fincher, the 60-second commercial features Damon taking viewers on a historical journey of brave men and women who’ve made a difference in the world, in the hopes of inspiring people to “be their bravest selves.” This campaign aims to formally introduce the platform — aimed to accelerate the world’s transition to cryptocurrency — to consumers around the world and will launch on TV during “Thursday Night Football” on Fox Sports, eventually running in more than 20 countries.

Despite the fact that Brady defected to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, lifelong Patriots fan Matt Damon clearly still admires the quarterback as the two are now the biggest facts promoting crypto. Brady recently revealed that he’s giving Bitcoin to the fan who returned the ball from the NFL star’s 600th touchdown. The Bucs fan had already surrendered the football to the team before Brady’s generous gift, but the quarterback thought it was the right thing to do.

Of course, the most pertinent question now that crpyto is bringing in another Boston hero is this: has Dunkin started taking Bitcoin as payment? Is that’s what’s happening here? If so, watch out, because Ben Affleck is going to want in.

(Via Variety)