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Meek Mill Walked Off A Private Jet Due To A ‘Racist’ Flight Attendant Who Stereotyped His Crew

While flying is usually a pretty hellish proposition (especially during Covid-19) no matter who you are, flying while Black remains an experience unto itself. Last year’s reckoning with racism against Black people in America opened the floodgates for stories about stereotyping and discrimination, and today rapper Meek Mill faced another example of it. Though he says he had just boarded a private jet (!), a flight attendant immediately came up to Meek and his crew and accused them of smoking weed.

After the flight attendant tries to backtrack and claims he “smelled’ the weed, Meek said he wanted to get off the plane anyway because he didn’t feel safe. The flight attendant says he will try to “fix this problem,” which should be relatively easy since he’s the one who created it. “You acting real racist right now, like real crazy, ‘must be smoking weed,’” Meek said to the attendant. It’s unclear if the rapper ended up staying on the flight or looking for a different mode of transportation, but the incident is just another reminder. It’s hard to imagine a flight attendant accusing a group of white passengers of the same thing just 30 seconds after boarding.

Oh and if you have a jet for Meek, please help him out: