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Jim Acosta Ripped Fox For Airing Tucker Carlson’s Revisionist Jan. 6 Series: ‘Why Are You Doing This To Us?’

Republicans are big mad about the Capitol siege of Jan. 6. They aren’t angry it happened; they’re angry that its origins are being investigated. Despite their best efforts to stop it (while letting perpetrators rot), damning intel has already been made public, connecting multiple Trump allies, and the big guy himself, to the day’s grim events. Some on the right have been trying to simply ignore it. Others have attempted to whitewash it. Tucker Carlson even has a forthcoming “documentary” series that ties to do just that. And Jim Acosta is not having it.

On Saturday, the CNN reporter went off on the series, which promises to tell “The True Story Behind 1/6″ and which is scheduled to air on Fox Nation. (That’s right: It’s too hot for Fox News prime time.) Among its claims, as one interviewee puts it in a preview, is that “The left is hunting the right.” Acosta called it out for its BS.

“Tucker is calling his propaganda flick The Patriot Purge. It’s nothing more than Proud Boy porn,” Acosta railed. “And the worst part is that a major corporation in America, Fox, is bankrolling it. Now Fox is insisting Tucker’s manifesto will only be seen on its streaming service, Fox Nation. Please, no matter how you slice it, the Murdoch family, which controls Fox, is cashing in as American democracy is being set ablaze.”

Acosta also singled out the Murdoch family for letting a lie-strewn letter from Trump, airing yet more voter fraud misinformation, be published in The Wall Street Journal.

“My question to the Murdochs is this: ‘Why are you doing this to us? Why are you doing this to America?’” he said.

Acosta also called Carlson “their prime-time pyromaniac,” and that they all “appear to be hellbent on dragging this country into a civil war. Jefferson Davis would be proud.”

You can watch Acosta vent in the video above.

(Via CNN)