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Jason Momoa Says He Tested Positive For COVID-19 After The ‘Dune’ Premiere But That He’s ‘Doing Fine’

Turns out, even a khal-turned-demi-god is still susceptible to COVID-19. According to Entertainment Weekly, Aquaman star Jason Momoa, 42, has officially tested positive for COVID-19. The diagnosis comes shortly after attending the London premiere of Dune, in which the star was surrounded by people giving him a lot of “aloha.” Momoa shared the news via Instagram, uploading a video on to his story explaining how he presumed his catching COVID-19 happened and assuring his fans he’s “doing fine.”

“I got hit with COVID right after the premiere. There was a lot of people I met in England, so got a lot of aloha from people. And who knows? Either way, I’m doing fine.” Momoa said. “Thank you for all your concerns and love .. Mahalo for all the love and support.”

Luckily for Momoa, it seems his time with spent with COVID hasn’t been so bad, all things considered. According to the star, he’s simply been “camping out” at his house with his roommate and professional skateboarder Erik Ellington. In another Instagram story post, Momoa provided an update on his condition while filming Ellington skateboarding throughout the house, laughing as he told fans:

“Everyone wants to know how COVID is going, it’s going pretty good. Yeah, we’re having a ball.”

However, not all the celebrities who have come into contact with COVID-19 have been fortunate enough to have a “pretty good” experience managing the illness. Back in May, musician Pink revealed she was diagnosed with COVID and said was so terrified by her symptoms, she spent part of her time in bed rewriting her will and calling friends to remind them she loved them. Eternals, actress Salma Hayek also shared her own experience with the virus and how she ultimately elected to stay at home once things got bad because she’d “rather die at home.” In addition to Pink and Hayek, Adam Scott, Ed Sheeran, Nas, DJ Khaled, Jeff Bridges, and Grimes all came forward with positive diagnoses and some upsetting stay-at-home stories of of their own.

At this time, it’s whether or not Momoa has been vaccinated against the virus. Either way, we’re just happy the big guy seems to be doing alright.